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504 Plan Minnesota

Welcome to our 504 Plan Minnesota blog! Are you a Minnesota parent or guardian seeking assistance for your kid with a learning or attention disorder? Look no further than the Section 504 Plan! This vital document can significantly impact children by assuring equal access to education and a fair playing field in the classroom. However, what is a 504 Plan, and how can it assist your child? Continue reading to learn more about this precious Land of Ten Thousand Lakes resource!

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 in Minnesota

In Minnesota, a student with a disability will have a “504 Plan” that details the help and adjustments they will get at school. The name comes from Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, which makes it illegal to discriminate against people with disabilities in any federally funded program or activity.

It is the goal of 504 Plan Minnesota to give children with disabilities the same opportunities as their non-disabled peers in the classroom. This is accomplished by determining what the pupil requires and tailoring a solution just for them. Planned adjustments might be minimal, like providing more time on tests or allowing the use of assistive technology, or significantly more substantial, like giving a redesigned curriculum or access to counseling and therapy.

Students with disabilities who attend public schools in Minnesota are entitled to have their needs met through a 504 Plan Minnesota. The student, their parents/guardians, the classroom instructor, and any appropriate professionals (such as a school psychologist or an occupational therapist) collaborate on developing these plans. The team collaborates to find the finest lodgings for the student based on their unique requirements and circumstances.

Overall, a student’s educational experience can be significantly improved by a 504 Plan Minnesota, which gives them the assistance they need to overcome challenges and perform up to their abilities in school. Minnesota law requires parents who believe their kid could benefit from a 504 Plan Minnesota to initiate the process by contacting the school. Download the 504 accommodations list pdf.

Who Writes 504 Plans in Minnesota?

In Minnesota, 504 Plans are often created by a group of people who collaborate to ensure that the student’s requirements are fulfilled and that they have equitable access to education. This group usually consists of the following individuals:

  • The Student: The student is an integral team component crucial in creating their 504 Plan Minnesota. They provide invaluable insight into their skills, challenges, and requirements, enabling the team to develop a plan to serve them best.
  • The Parent or Guardian: The parent or guardian is a vital team element, as they provide essential information regarding the student’s medical history, academic background, and overall needs. In addition, they play a crucial role in ensuring students’ needs are met and defending their rights.
  • The Teacher: The teacher gives essential information regarding the student’s classroom abilities, needs, strengths, and improvement areas. They also play a vital role in implementing the 504 Plan’s accommodations.
  • Relevant Specialists: Other specialists, such as school psychologists, occupational therapists, and speech-language pathologists, may also formulate the 504 Plan, depending on the student’s needs. These professionals supply vital information regarding the student’s skills and requirements, enabling the team to develop a thorough strategy that matches their specific demands.

In Minnesota, the construction of a 504 Plan is a collaborative process involving the student, parent or guardian, teacher, and applicable professionals. Together, they develop a personalized strategy that offers classroom support for the student’s success.

Examples of Conditions That Might Qualify One for a 504 Plan in Minnesota

Students with disabilities can get extra help in class using a document called a 504 Plan. Suppose a Minnesota student has a mental or physical handicap that severely hinders one or more major living functions, including learning, walking, seeing, hearing, speaking, breathing, or caring for oneself. In that case, the student may be qualified for a 504 Plan.

Under Minnesota law, a student may be eligible for a Section 504 Plan if they meet one of the following criteria, among others:

  • Asthma
  • Caused by a dysfunction in the brain’s reward system, hyperactivity/inattention (ADHD)
  • Lack of sight or impaired vision
  • Inability to hear appropriately due to deafness or other factors
  • Diabetes
  • Epilepsy
  • Deficits in cognition
  • Disability in moving about
  • Traumatic injuries to the skeleton
  • Disabilities in communicating verbally

Each student’s 504 Plan is unique and created to meet their requirements. Thus, the specific accommodations and adjustments described in a 504 Plan may differ from one student to the next.

How To Get a 504 Plan in Minnesota

Follow these procedures to receive a 504 Plan in Minnesota:

  1. Contact the school: Inform the school of your concerns and wish for a 504 Plan for your child. A designated individual at the school should be responsible for coordinating 504 plans.
  2. Request an evaluation: If you suspect your kid has a handicap that impairs their academic performance, you can request an evaluation from the school. The review will help establish if your kid qualifies for a 504 Plan and what modifications and accommodations they may require.
  3. Participate in the evaluation process: You and your child will be invited to participate once an evaluation has been requested. This could involve assessments, observations, and discussions with school personnel and specialists.
  4. Review and revise the 504 Plan: Following the conclusion of the review process, the school will construct the 504 Plan. You and your child should study the draft and suggest any modifications or improvements.
  5. Implement the 504 Plan: After the 504 Plan has been prepared, it should be implemented by the school and regularly reviewed to ensure it fulfills your child’s requirements.

Throughout this process, it is essential to work closely with the school to ensure that your child’s needs are being fulfilled and that they have the necessary support to succeed. But is a medical diagnosis required for a 504 plan?

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