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AbleNet Quick Talker FT23; a Portable Dedicated Speech-Generating Device

What if there was a better way to communicate between abled or disabled individuals and in different environments? 

The introduction of speech-generating devices has made this possible. Recording and sharing messages is possible even under the strictest environments, enhancing robust communication. 

But, there is a wide range of dedicated speech-generating devices and manufacturers, making it challenging to settle for the most appropriate one. 

In this article, we look at the speech-generating device market, an in-depth review of AbleNet QuickTalker FT 23, and FAQs to help you make an informed purchase decision. 

Let’s dive in. 

Speech-Generating Device Market Overview

There are numerous portable speech-generating devices in the market nowadays. The speech-generating devices market has grown significantly in recent years. 

For instance, in 2020, this market was valued at US$ 205 million, and based on the current forecast, this market is highly likely to record a CAGR of 10% by 2031. 

Technological advancement and the rise in impairment diagnosis cases have increased the need for more effective speech-generating devices.

About AbleNet

AbleNet was founded in 1985 to offer individuals with disabilities a platform to communicate better.

The company makes it easy for such people to achieve their human potential through its special education assistive technology and associated devices.

AbleNet’s high-tech speech-generating devices (SGDs) are highly reliable thanks to the company’s unique operational excellence model and extensive history in assistive technology. 

 AbleNet Quick Talker FT23 Review

Now that you have a brief understanding of the market for speech-generating devices let’s review one of AbleNet’s speech-generating devices – QuickTalker FeatherTouch 23 – to help you make the right purchase decision.

AbleNet Quick Talker FT23 Features 

QuickTalker FT 23 stands out as one of the most effective speech-generating devices in the market thanks to its outstanding features. These devices have important educational considerations, particularly Behavioral Intervention Plans (BIP). It is important to remember that while these devices can support communication, their usage should always align with an individual’s unique needs and goals, which can be assessed using tools like a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA). This begs the question, “Can you have a BIP without an FBA?”

Here are some features that make this device a must-have:

23 Message Locations

Nothing is more fulfilling in a speech-generating device than knowing you have enough room for your messages. AbleNet capitalizes on this. With the QuickTalker FT 23, you have many options to consider regarding the message locations. 

Usually, the first three locations are the core messages, which remain unchanged for any level. This option allows you to record common requests such as “I’m thirsty,” “I need to use the bathroom, and “I need help.” However, the rest are unique and change with the recording level. 

Enough Recording Levels

What does a high number of levels mean for you? AbleNet QuickTalker FT 23 comes with five recording levels. Combined, these levels give you 18 minutes of record time, so you are not worried that you will run short of recording time. 

Easy to Use

One crucial element that any speech-generating speech should have is ease of use. AbleNet QuickTalker FT 23’s is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. This speech-generating device features a feather touch membrane. The membrane design takes significantly less force to trigger the messaging cell. This feature makes AbleNet QuickTalker FT 23 ideal for anyone –even anyone with a small finger.


AbleNet’s QuickTalker FT 23 is your perfect candidate if you are looking for a cost-effective speech-generating device. The device is designed ableSRONG to withstand any harsh environmental conditions. This way, QuickTalker FT 23 can last long.

Maximum Safety

AbleNet uses safe materials to manufacture its speech-generating devices. Specifically, QuickTalker FT 23 is made from ableSAFE materials that have undergone serious lab tests for safety. 

Highly Convenient

QuickTalker FT 23’s recording level options give you top-degree convenience, allowing you to create messages seamlessly in any environment – at home, bus, playground, lunchroom, or even in the classroom.

For more information, you can explore the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders to understand more about communication disorders and conditions, the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association for resources on speech, language, and hearing science, and the Assistive Technology Industry Association for information on assistive technology solutions.

AbleNet Quick Talker FT23 – How It Works

AbleNet Quick Talker FT 23 is easy and simple to use. All you need is to follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Insert four alkaline AA batteries (often not included in the package) into your device to power it.
  2. Include a printed picture symbol overlay on your Quick Talker F23 device
  3. Switch the device on and select the recording level
  4. Press the recording button and hold it for a few seconds until the indicator light turns on.
  5. To start recording any message, press and hold the message location and speak into the microphone. To stop recording, press and release the button again. Always ensure that all messages are recorded in your desired message locations.
  6. You exit the recording mode by pressing the indicator button until the light turns off.


Here are a few frequently asked questions to help you understand Quick Talker FT23 better:

Q1. Can I Use this Device Alongside Another Appliance?

No. Quick Talker FT23 does not have an output or input for additional appliances. However, if such functionality is important, you may consider other versions of Quick Talker, such as the Super Talker FT.

Q2. How Long Does It Take To Record With Quick Talker?

Usually, the recording time for Quick Talker varies across different levels. For instance, the Quick Talker FT23 has a total time of 20 minutes, while the Quick Talker FT12 and Quick Talker FT7 have 12 and 6 minutes of record time, respectively.

Q3. Why Can’t I Record New Messages or Change Levels?

If you are experiencing this challenge, the chances are high that you have enabled the lock feature. You can enable or disable this feature by pressing and holding the Record and Level buttons simultaneously for about 5 seconds. If active, all the LEDs will flash twice. 


Speech-generating devices are handy in the lives of disabled individuals because they help them communicate with others as the devices convert messages to synthesized speech. 

Notably, AbleNet QuickTalker FT 23 is a great portable dedicated speech-generative device with outstanding features. Besides being simple to use, this device comes with five recording levels, 23 message locations, and a combined record time of 18 minutes, giving users the convenience they need to communicate in any environment. 

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