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AngelSense Personal GPS Tracker for Students with Autism

Children are every parent’s heartbeat. And when it comes to kids with special needs, guardians and parents must exercise more caution when caring for them.

Too often, we hear stories of children with autism wandering and eloping. While most are found safe, others usually face some harm or even get lost. These challenges underscore the importance of creating a comprehensive IEP for children with Autism.

These youngsters can be master escape artists. You can use window or door locks to secure them, but they’ll still be gone when you divert your attention for a few seconds. Fortunately, assistive technology has brought a solution.

Advanced GPS-enabled technology addresses parents’ and guardians’ fears about their kids’ safety at school. AngelSense is one such gadget, allowing you to know where your kid is, confirm their wellness, and verify whether your child has arrived home. But before thoroughly reviewing this revolutionary product, let’s cover the basics.

Is It Legal to Use A GPS Tracking Device On Your Child?

Yes, GPS tracking tools like AngelSense are legal. The 2017 Kevin and Avonte’s Law aims to prevent wandering catastrophes by funding the development of these devices.

The bottom line, the law permits every legal guardian of a minor below 18 years to use a child tracker. Moreover, you can use these devices to know where your teens or adults with dementia or special needs are and protect them.

Generally, tracking an adult without their consent or knowledge is illegal, but parents don’t need this consent. Legal guardians can also authorize grandparents, babysitters, teachers, therapists, or law enforcement to access their children’s tracking data and location.

So, Should You Use a GPS Tracker? 

Besides the device’s legality, whether parents should track their kids with GPS is always hotly contested. But everyone should agree that children with special needs require extra safety measures. Considering about 50% of these kids with autism face the risk of eloping, it’s easy to understand why parents protect their children with AngelSense.

It’s common to see comments from parents with typical kids or people who aren’t parents criticizing the use of these devices. But most don’t understand that not every parent has the luxury of trusting their child’s safety when they’re away. Understanding these parental concerns, organizations such as Autism Speaks offer resources and support for such parents.

Particularly, anyone whose child is prone to wandering, escaping, or wandering tends to experience unimaginable anxiety. Only such a parent can fully understand the life-changing impact of tracking devices like AngelSense.

A Quick Overview of AngelSense GPS Tracker 

This revolutionary tracking device is a haven for parents and guardians of children with autism or other special needs prone to wandering. It’s the brainchild of Doron Somer, the company’s CEO with hands-on experience with this problem. His daughter, Itamar, has autism. So he’s had his fair share of everyday issues other parents in the same situation go through.

Necessity fosters invention. Doron’s challenges inspired him to develop AngelSense, a practical device that would give parents and guardians peace of mind.

This impressive tracker provides real-time insights into your child’s current location. It also allows you to listen to the kid’s surroundings, leaving you to rest assured of their safety even when not around.

What Features Does the AngelSense GPS Tracker Offer?

Doron Somer’s AngelSense is designed to give every parent peace of mind that their child is safe. Besides the typical tracking capabilities, AngelSense also comprises the following “anti-wandering” and child safety features:

Geofencing and Intelligent Location Tracking

The device goes beyond basic location tracking and safe zone alerts. It also learns your child’s routine and notifies you of any deviation, and it is the only product of its kind with an indoor location tracking feature. Moreover, you can activate its alarm or send a temporary tracking link to anyone to help you find your child. 

Continuous Location Tracking

Thanks to AngelSense’s regular location services, you can be sure of your bus-riding kiddo’s safety. The device offers real-time updates on route deviations, unexpected stops, late departures, speeding, and ETA insights.

Voice Calls and Audio Check-Ins

AngelSense’s two-way voice communication feature is standard, but the manufacturer goes the extra mile to offer an automatic pickup feature that lets you speak with your child. It also has a listen-in feature that lets you listen to your surroundings.  

Activity Monitoring with Fall Detection

The device counts your kid’s steps while monitoring their activity level at specific locations all day. Its automatic fall detection feature alerts you when your child falls or is motionless.

Designated App

AngelSense ranks high when it comes to introducing new users to its product. The designated Android and iOS apps offer step-by-step instructions, video guides, and a personalized onboarding call.

A Wide Range of Sensory-Friendly Wearables 

Children with sensory issues or autism tend to struggle with clothing. Whether the feel, fit, or texture, a pair of pants and a simple t-shirt can cause significant discomfort. The manufacturer considered this when designing wearables and provided different ways of wearing AngelSense, including the following:

  • Magnetic pins and sleeve – These pins only unlock with a magnetic key, firmly fastening the tracker to your child’s clothing accessories. 
  • The cut-to-fit belt is perfect for children who can’t keep their clothes on. You’ll buckle it like a standard belt and fasten it with a secure pin. 
  • Compression-fit undershirt – This product features an AngelSense-designated pocket and is reversible, allowing your child to wear the device on their back or chest.  
  • Armband – Comprising lycra and cotton, this band wraps snugly around your child’s ankle, wrist, or arm. It’s not ideal for younger kids because they can quickly yank it off. 
  • Belt clip – This new addition to the AngelSense lineup can slide into your kiddo’s pocket, belt, purse, waistband, or backpack.
  • Watch band – This accessory was designed for adults and older children. 

You Can Never Get It Wrong with AngelSense

AngelSense line of products has transformed the lives of numerous parents of kids with autism and other conditions prone to wandering or eloping. Compared to most of its peers, this unique product stands out in indoor tracking, real-time location tracking, smart alerts, and geofencing.

It’s relatively more expensive than most products in its category. But if you’re willing to pay the price to get the best GPS tracker for kids, choose AngelSense.

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