Sample 504 Request Letter For Anxiety

A 504 request letter is a letter written by a parent or guardian requesting accommodations for a student with a disability under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. This letter is typically addressed to the school principal or the student’s teacher, and it explains the student’s disability and the accommodations needed to ensure equal access to education. The 504 plan for anxiety can offer great insight for crafting this kind of request letter.

Sample Letters Request for a 504 Anxiety Plan

Here is a sample 504 request letter for anxiety:

Dear [Principal/Teacher],

I am writing to request accommodations for my child, [Student’s Name], under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. [Student’s Name] has been diagnosed with anxiety disorder, which affects his ability to focus and participate in class.

In order to ensure that [Student’s Name] has equal access to education, we are requesting the following accommodations:

  • Allowing [Student’s Name] to take breaks as needed during the school day to manage his anxiety.
  • Providing a quiet, private space for [Student’s Name] to take breaks or de-stress as needed.
  • Allowing [Student’s Name] to use headphones to block out distractions during class.
  • Providing alternative seating arrangements, such as allowing [Student’s Name] to sit at the back of the classroom or in a separate room, to minimize distractions and help him focus.

We appreciate your consideration of these accommodations and look forward to working with you to ensure that [Student’s Name] can fully participate in his education. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or need further information.


[Your Name]

504 Plan Accommodations for Anxiety

The following accommodations may be included in a 504 Plan for a student with an anxiety disorder:

  • Permitting the student to take anxiety-reducing breaks as needed during the school day.
  • Provide a quiet space for students to take breaks or de-stress as needed.
  • Permitting the student to use headphones to block out classroom distractions.
  • Providing alternative seating options, such as allowing the student to sit in the back of the classroom or in a separate room, to reduce distractions and improve their concentration.
  • Allowing the student to use a calculator on math tests or break down large assignments into smaller, more manageable tasks as needed.
  • Providing the student with additional time to complete tests and assignments.
  • Permitting the student to utilize assistive technology, such as a text-to-speech program or a calculator, to complete reading or math assignments.
  • Providing additional support, such as a tutor or study skills coach, to assist the student with anxiety management and academic success.
  • To assist the student in managing their anxiety, provide access to mental health resources, such as counseling or therapy services from reliable sources like Mayo Clinic or NAMI.

It is important to note that each student’s 504 Plan will be unique and based on their needs. This list is intended to serve as an example of the types of accommodations that may be included in a 504 Plan for an anxious student. If you’re unsure of the process or what accommodations to ask for, learning how to get a 504 plan can be helpful.

How to Request a Reasonable Accommodation

There are several ways to request a reasonable accommodation:

  • Find out if you qualify for reasonable accommodation. To be eligible for reasonable accommodation, you must have a disability that substantially impacts an essential life activity, such as learning or working.
  • Identify the specific barrier that prevents you from participating fully in a program or activity. It could be a physical barrier, such as a lack of wheelchair access, or a communication barrier, such as the inability to comprehend spoken instructions.
  • Identify the appropriate modification that will eliminate the identified barrier. It may involve modifying a policy or practice, providing an auxiliary aid or service, or modifying a facility physically.
  • Contact the relevant individual or organization to request reasonable accommodation. Depending on the nature of the request, this may be an employer, housing provider, or school.
  • Write the request down. It can help document the request and the requested accommodations.
  • If requested, please provide documentation of your disability and the need for reasonable accommodation. It may include a letter from a physician or therapist and additional supporting documentation.

It is essential to remember that the purpose of reasonable accommodations is to eliminate barriers and ensure equal access to programs and activities. They are not intended to provide you with an unfair advantage or impose an undue burden on the individual or organization making the accommodation.

How to Request a 504 Plan for Anxiety

A 504 plan is a document that outlines possible accommodations for a student with a disability, such as anxiety. You may be eligible for a 504 plan if you believe that your anxiety hinders your ability to access your education or participate in school activities. 

Here are some steps for requesting a 504 plan:

Contact your school’s 504 coordinator or department of special education. You can typically find the 504 coordinator or special education department’s contact information on your school’s website or by calling the main office.

You will be required to provide information regarding your anxiety, including how it affects your ability to access your education and participate in school activities. It may consist of a letter from a medical professional or a psychological evaluation.

Participate in the 504 plan evaluation process. Typically, the school will evaluate to determine your 504 plan eligibility. It may involve meetings with school personnel, the student’s parents, and the student to discuss their needs and determine the appropriate accommodations.

You and your parents will have the opportunity to review and revise the 504 plan once it has been developed. You should ensure that the accommodations listed in the plan will effectively address your needs and assist you in achieving academic success.

Noting that the process for requesting a 504 plan may vary from school to school, it is advisable to contact your school’s 504 coordinator or special education department for specific instructions.

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