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TEKFUN LCD Writing Tablet Doodle Board

LCD writing boards are quickly replacing the traditional methods of taking down medical notes. These boards are not only stylish but are also promoting an eco-friendly environment. They can be particularly helpful for people using assistive technology in a healthcare setting. One of the best LCD writing boards physicians, nurses, or medical assistants can use is the TEKFUN LCD writing tablet doodle board.

TEKFUN, which stands for tech innovation and practical products, is committed to creating handy tools for recording notes. The doodle board is designed to provide paper-like writing and viewing experience and is perfect for today’s digital age. 

TEKFUN LCD Writing Tablet Doodle Board Features and Specifications

The LCD writing tablet doodle board from TEKFUN comes in various colors. The item includes a 10-inch LCD writing tablet, stylus pen, pen clip, erase button, replaceable battery, string lanyard, lock key, pen clip, user manual, creative package box, and one drawing book. You can learn more about such innovations on the MIT Technology Review website.

Here are some key features and specification of the LCD writing tablet that makes it a must-have. 

Screen Resolution and Features

The TEKFUN LCD writing tablet offers around 8.5 inches of writing or drawing space. Though the screen is bright and colorful, it is non-radiation and has no blue light or glare. This offers ideal protection for the eyes, especially from long-term use. 

The colorful board will give you a better writing experience and utilizes pressure-sensitive technology. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals with a specific learning disability as it provides a multisensory input. Should you lose the stylus, you can write using any non-sharp object, such as the tip of a syringe, to make your notes.

The colors on the board will automatically be shown when you touch the screen, and the thickness of your drawings or lines will depend on how hard you push the stylus. The table has an erase button, which you can click and clear any writing on the screen in one second. This feature helps to save battery life and also your time. 


In addition to the 10″ screen, the tablet comes in various colors and has a sleek and modern design. It has a pen clip that holds the stylus in place perfectly. Since the tool also includes a lanyard, you can attach the stylus safely and not worry about dropping or losing it every time you use it. 

Apart from coming in various colors such as blue, gray, rose, and pink, the handy and stylish design is also unisex. The writing board can comfortably fit on large white coat pockets.


The LCD writing tablet uses high-quality plastic and only weighs 150 grams. This makes it very lightweight and portable. The writing tablet is easy to place in bags, and carry around, and suitable for multiple occasions. 

The lightweight and portable design of the tablet aligns with the growing trend of minimalistic, streamlined design in tech, epitomized by companies like Apple. Despite its slim build, the writing tablet is robust and features anti-fall technology, ensuring it can withstand the hustle and bustle of busy environments.

You will not have to worry about carrying around a heavy clipboard anymore. You can also use it in outdoor places. 

Battery Life

TEKFUN LCD writing tablet doodle board features a built-in replaceable battery with an input voltage of 3V. The battery will provide you with up to 100,000 times writing and drawing. The battery has a six months lifespan and doesn’t require charging.

You will not have to worry about forgetting a charger at home or losing it. Once you have reached maximum use, you can quickly replace the battery and continue enjoying a pen and paper-free writing experience for several years.

Safety Features

TEKFUN launched an upgraded version of the LCD writing board with better safety features. The board has a tiny fixed screw to lock the battery case. Also, the screen has a lock to prevent accidental clearing.

The LCD board is waterproof and has anti-fall technology. You will not need to worry about any liquid spillage on the screen or accidental falling. 

 Why You Should Buy the LCD Writing Tablet

  • It is eco-friendly: The LCD tablet offers a paperless writing experience. It is reusable and economical.
  • The tablet is easy to use and operate
  • The lightweight design makes it very portable
  • It has a colorful screen with eye protection
  • It is durable and has a replaceable battery that doesn’t require charging
  • The one-click erase button saves time and conserves battery life
  • It has a screen lock to ensure you don’t accidentally erase your notes
  • Affordable and easily available on all major stores such as Amazon

The multi-functional doodle board is an ideal writing tool for all medical professionals. You can also use it as a small blackboard for illustrations. This reusable writing and drawing tool eliminates the need for the traditional pen and paper, especially when taking temporary notes or reminders. 

The TEKFUN LCD writing tablet doodle board has a warranty, which offers a safe purchase. In addition to the amazing features and design, the writing tablet has several positive reviews and ratings. You can be sure to get the best experience from it.


Though the writing board is ideal for taking quick notes, it has no save button. If you need to take permanent notes, you may have to use an electronic device such as a tablet or iPad. 

Maintenance Tips

The LCD writing board is durable. However, knowing how best to take care of it will help ensure its durability and prevent you from voiding its warranty. To maintain the writing board, you should:

  • Avoid writing on the screen using sharp objects. This will help prevent scratches or any damage to the screen.
  • Avoid extended exposure to humidity, dust, and ultraviolet light. 
  • Wipe the surface gently using a clean cloth.
  • Though the board is spill-proof, avoid prolonged exposure to liquids or immersing it in water. 
  • Replace the battery as soon as possible, and do not store it with an old battery.

Final Verdict

Overall, the TEKFUN LCD writing tablet doodle board is a stylish and handy tool for nurses, doctors, or any other medical professional who needs a digital way of taking quick and temporary notes. It would be a perfect addition to a doctor’s office or hospital and can complete your paperless office environment. For that perfect touch, you can choose colors that match your brand.

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