BIP Special Education

A Behavior Intervention Plan or BIP Special Education is developed to address specific problem behaviors exhibited by a student with special needs. A BIP aims to increase the student’s positive behaviors and decrease the frequency and severity of negative behaviors. A definition of a behavior intervention plan typically includes the following: A team of professionals usually develops a BIP, including …

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Special Education LRE

The setting in which a person with a disability receives education or other services that are most like the setting in which people without disabilities receive education or services is referred to as a least restrictive environment (Special Education LRE). The least restrictive environment’s objective is to offer assistance and modifications to people with disabilities so they can participate …

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Most Restrictive Environment (6 Types in Special Education)

The term “least restrictive environment” (LRE) in special education refers to the educational setting that allows students with a disability to be integrated into regular classrooms and enjoy the same opportunities as their peers without disabilities.  On the other hand, a setting where a student with a disability is removed from the regular education setting and …

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Special Education Certification Texas

Special Education Certification Texas requirements are dictated by the Texas Education Agency (TEA). The state organization in Texas in charge of public education is called TEA. The TEA is in charge of establishing educational standards and policies, carrying out educational initiatives, and monitoring school and student performance.  The TEA also grants teaching licenses, manages state and federal education …

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The Role of the Special Education Teacher

As a special education teacher, you have the necessary and rewarding job of working with students with disabilities or special needs. The role of the special education teacher is vital in developing students with special needs. These students may have learning challenges, physical or mental health issues, or require specialized instruction and support. You may wonder …

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504 Plan California (3 BREAKTHROUGH Strategies)

What are the 504 Plan California requirements?  504 plans look the same in all 50 states because 504 plan accommodations are codified in federal statutes, specifically the Rehabilitation Act section 504 of that Federal Act.  According to the U.S. Department of Education, those are the requirements of 504 plan accommodations. It is federal law, so it applies …

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Sample Letter From Therapist for 504 Plan Anxiety

A Sample Letter From a Therapist for 504 Plan Anxiety can be a helpful addition to a 504 request letter, as it provides documentation of the student’s disability and the accommodations needed to ensure equal access to education. Here is a sample letter from a therapist for a 504 plan request for a student with anxiety: Dear [Principal/Teacher], …

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Sample 504 Plan for Anxiety High School

A 504 Plan is a document that outlines accommodations for students with disabilities in order to ensure that they have equal access to education. The accommodations outlined in a 504 Plan Form are designed to remove barriers that may prevent a student with a disability from fully participating in school and achieving their academic potential. …

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